Get the Royal wedding look for your home

Get the Royal wedding look for your home

Find out how

If it is trending in the fashion world, it will definitively have an impact in other fields, specially the interior design one. Some experts call it The Pantone Effect, each season the team of this institute creates the fashion color trend report, as a key indicator of the color stories we can expect to see in all areas of design.This visual language type of expression adjusts very well to current society needs and leaves a gap for creativity.

No brainer, big events and important festivities are encouraged by these ´rules´all over the globe. Yes! Even on a nobility scale with all their dress code included. So, in this big colored circle that links everything, this 2018 Royal Wedding didn´t scape from it, neither will the rest of us mortals.

The ceremony of the year still got us talking and seeking for details. That´s why we couldn´t help to take this moment and show you how to bring up the royal style to every corner of your home. We guarantee it is easier than you may think.

First statement: Simplicty is the rule. Not everything needs to be over the top, there is subtleness and beauty in the smallest details. From the queen mother herself to the Hollywood celebs guests, we enjoyed an effortless style, showing off fresh and vibrant palettes, clean whites, delicates touches of flowers, dots and crystals.

Those features can be perfectly added to any space, so if you are into the aristocratic mood, we can help you ´Royal Up´ and have your house ´ruling´ all year long.

Wallpapers are back in style. Try wallpapering just one wall in your livingroom. Remember what we learned from the newlyweds, less is more.

These vibrant Palettes made the cut. Try including little accents of wood and you´ll have your own piece of heaven at home.

Sorry, George Clooney is not included…

Yes your majesty! Combining light tones with dramatic shades was your command and we will obey.

Add youthfulness to your room with sophisticated  dots.

Saving the bride for last but not least. Because adding little touches of glow to a wall, will make you feel like if you are living in a castle.

As we told you before, with Sunny South it is easy to ´Royal Up´ your home. Click here to start.

Wallpapers of our collection used for this article : Eijffinger, York, Bluemarine.

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