Splash your house with summer vibes

Nothing can beat fresh air, blue skies, longer days and frozen lemon drinks, right? For some of us, summer is more than just a season, it´s a cool state of mind. If sunshine gives you the will to splash things up around your house, here are a few decor tips that will leave your home an extended summertime vibe.


Garden Feeling

No flower garden at home? Then, adding pops of pink, green or yellow to a focal point of your room might help you bring back that fun and freshness that evokes our favorite carefree season. That vibrant pallette selection is easy to mix up with other decor elements. Our all time favorite is wood, it shows off a raw natural beauty and it is timeless. Don´t you think?


Shop the shades:

By Benjamin Moore

  • Natura Paint (Green)
  • Granny Smith CSP-860
  • Pink Flamingo CSP-1175


Splashes of Blue

You know what they say, you can never go wrong with a touch of blue. This tone must be declared summer´s official shade. It symbolises the color of the sky and the ocean. Imagine if you combine soft blue tones in a living room, maybe just one wall, or the entire room, why not? You can also play with different patterns and textures. Depending on your taste, adding a navy blue rug is definitely a summer look keeper!


Shop the shades:

By Benjamin Moore

  • Waterloo CSP-555
  • Sheer Bliss CSP-545
  • Adriatic Sea CSP-660


Summer Whites?

Yes! White is hot! You can get away with neutral palletes any season, specially summer. This minimalist color represents light and nature very well. It´s a way to calm things down when the heat is boosting outside. Plus, it´s the perfect background, where you can easily add other features. Just to name a few: stripes, flower wallpapers, tropical prints, vibrant colored furniture; you name it,  options are limitless.



Shop the shades:

By Benjamin Moore:

  • Super Whites OC-152
  • Simply White OC-117
  • Walpaper York: Watercolor Poppy


Refreshing Oranges and Peaches

There´s nothing like the tropical vibe conjured by oranges and peachy hues. Like a summer smoothie, they are very refreshing. A splash of citrus in your kitchen can be very juicy chic. And what about peach for your master bedroom? If you add turquoise accents, it contributes to an overall breezy and cool ambiance. They would also look great just about anywhere. But, keep in mind if you mix these shades with black, you will be entering in a Halloween territory. So, to achieve the summer twist, stick to neutral combinations and let the citrus and stone tempers steal the spotlight this sun-sational season.


Shop the Shades:

By Benjamin Moore

  • Peachy Keen 2014-40
  • Festive Orange 2014-10

If you are thinking about a major house ´face-lift´, so much can be achieved. Our Sunny South experts are always available to guide you tru this process at any of our stores. Feeling splashed already

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